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Welcome to our photo section. Pictures are of the house, garden, farm, family, and
our trips around Thailand. Hope you enjoy our pictures.

Click on thumbnail to view.

  January 2011 Garden Pictures Plus bird's nest on bathroom window sill (050)
  Loy Khratong Cho Ho, Nakhon Ratchasima, 21 November 2010 (049)
  Visit to wat with new spirit house and another wat with cave and sculpture Khao   Yai  1 August 2010 (048)
  Visit to Wat, cave and small waterfall near Khao Yai June 2010 (047)
  Visit to reservoir and Korat Zoo June 2010 (046)
   End of May 2010 Garden (045)
  May 2010 Visit to near Khao Yai and Seven Sisters' Falls (044)
  January 2010 Garden. (043)
  Our Garden in December 2009.(042)

Flowers in our home garden.(000)

Our house September 2006.(001)

More of our house and initial renovations to accommodate our incoming household goods shipment.(002)

December 2006 rice harvest and reassembling rice storage shed.(003)

The farm well, flowers, etc. Washing mangoes from big tree in center of farm.(004)

Farm visit by friends John and Sandy, with children.(005)

The arrival of my grandson, Avatar on 14 June 2008.(006)

Update on our home garden August 2008.(007)

Garden (008)

Garden (009)

Garden (010)

Garden (011)

House (012)

Water Lilies (013)

Water Lilies and Camping at Farm (014)

The cow and farm.(015)

Flowers and papaya tree at home. (016)

Orchids, garden, and plowing the farm. (017)

The farm (018)

Orchids (019)

Floating Market, Monkey Show and Thai Carving. (020) October 2008

Tigers, crocodiles and elephant show. (021) October 2008

Elephant show. (022) October 2008

Elephant and crocodile shows. (023) October 2008

The Grand Palace. (024) October 2008

The Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, and farm.(025) October 2008

Ban Nuk, Korat and home.(026) October 2008

Flowers (027)

Flowers (28)

The farm. (029)

Bom, Bon, Bue and the cows.(030)

Rice harvest.(031)

Fish harvest.(032)

Avatar and Anthony Christmas 2008 and  Thanksgiving 2009.(033)

Children's Day at Ban Nuk.(034)

Water Lilies and home garden.(035)

Water Lilies and garden visitor.(036)

Home garden.(037)

House Blessing.(038) January 2009

Home garden.(039) January 2009

Avatar, Lisa and Jessica at Denver Aquarium.(040) February 2009

Home Garden (041) May 2009